Tea Party Revolution

Tea Party Revolution
By Bill Ivy

America’s Tea Party Movement seeks solutions for several issues, yet is totally
unaware of the “common connection factor” existing between each. Knowing this
common connection, and its silenced history, holds the sole solution for providing those
of the Tea Party Revolution their “victory”. A few T.P. issues will be presented with
their common connector. Viva the revolution!

• Illegal Aliens
The Tea Party calls for immediate deportation of such illegals on the soil of
the several states. After all, they are here illegally. While here illegally other issues are

A) Automatic citizenship by birth, for children born to parents of an established
foreign citizenship status, such as Mexico, whether parents are here legally
or illegally. This is upheld by the Federal Courts through usage of the 14th

B) Welfare care; including medical and education, and this care being upheld
and enforced through the “equal protection clause” of the 14th Amendment.
Illegal aliens, and their children born on the soil of any respective state of the
Union, have a “Guardian Angel”, the 14th amendment.

• States Rights (Powers of Self-Government)
All domestic laws passed by a state, once protected under the 10th Amendment,
are now subject to be challenged by the Federal courts, for their final approval to stand,
be altered, or even abolished altogether, as a valid state law, under the 14th Amendment.
(States rights, take a hike. The 14th Amendment now rules over the protections of the
10th Amendment.)

“… it [The 14th Amendment] enlarges the judicial power of the United
States [Fed. Gov.] so as to bring every law passed by the state and every principle
of common law relating to life, liberty, or property, within the jurisdiction of the
Federal tribunals…” (Can we not remember Arizona, 2010?) “… Intended to
overthrow the system of self-government…”
New Jersey Resolutino No.1, March 24th, 1868.
***Read this resolution on pages 501-02 (foot-notes), online at: http://www.14th-

• Right to Life
Life of the unborn, taken through abortion, is unable to be banned through law,
by any state, because the living fetus (child with a heart beat) doesn’t qualify, “under the
14th Amendment,” as a person, having not been born. (Roe v. Wade).
Presented were just three issues of focus by the Tea Party Revolution.

Each issue’s “Existence” is directly connected to the 14th Amendment, a
single “common point of origin.” Yet this common ground between the issues
goes ignored by the Tea Party, when the “flood lights should be pulled out.”
Other T.P.R. issues, such as the Federal Reserve system, free trade agreements
that send American jobs abroad, the Liberty-biting Patriot Act, and follow-up
terrorist laws serving as the foundation of an American police-state, and of
course, Obama Care, all of these laws have their “foundation to exist”
established upon the same point of origin, as the other issues presented, the 14th
Amendment!! How so? Read “One Body/ Common Answer,” of the free text
offer of, “Law of the Land Breached,” received by e-mail request, from
kenlittlesr@gmail.com. Victory for the Tea Party Revolution rests upon
its “curiosity”, for what it knows not of.

At least three issues held by the Tea Party movement have been shown having
the “14th Amendment” as their foundation to exist. Such is concrete fact: just do
your homework. The Tea Party movement can handle these issues as, “Politics as
usual,” knowing the results thus far obtained by traveling that path, or they can ask the
”Big Question?” Was the 14th Amendment “lawfully and properly adopted,” by
all the states of the Union, or were constitutional laws violated (breached) to achieve
a “fraudulent ratification?” To not address this question could mean the difference
between a victory, or continued failure. Read the provided web-site, and text offered by
emailing for it. For having questions answered: dueprocessrequired@gmail.com, or call
the Article V group at (843) 875-3597 (a chat is best). Did the 14th Amendment ratify
under Constitutional law?

Louisiana; House Concurrent Resolution 208 (1967)
“Whereas the purported 14th Amendment was never lawfully adopted in
accordance with the requirements of the United States Constitution…”

George; No. 45 (Senate Resolution No. 39) (1957)
“A memorial to Congress…to declare that the 14th and 15th Amendments, to the
constitution of the United States, were never validly adoped and that they are
null and of no effect.”

Utah; State v. Phillips, 540 P. 2d, 936, 941 Supreme Court of Utah, Sept. 15, 1975.
“I cannot believe that any court, in full possession of its faculties, could honestly
hold that the Amendment (14th) was properly approved and adopted.”

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