What If by Bill Ivy

What if the 14th Amendment to our US Constitution was ratified through fraud and not through the
“Law of the Land”? Would our America be a different place today from that which we know?

A) Ten Southern States would have retained their de jour state governments overthrown by the Congressional

Reconstruction Acts, the “mother” of the 14th Amendment
Message for the Tea Party
B) The guarantee of State’s Rights, under the 10th Amendment, would stand-fast.
C) No welfare coverage for non-citizen illegal aliens, who currently are paid out of a state’s treasury.
D) No automatic citizenship, by birth, of parents under a foreign jurisdiction (foreign country). Most illegal
aliens are from Mexico, a foreign country, and under its jurisdiction, as its citizens.
E) States could defend their borders/citizens against the illegal alien invasion.
F) No Federal Reserve Banking Act.
G) No Federal direct income tax upon “We the People” (citizens of the respective states).

H) No “Free Trade Agreements”, NAFTA as one example, that benefit the profits of multinational
corporations and leaving millions of Americans jobless, losing homes, and having to seek welfare
I) No Patriot Act, or other connective follow-up laws that further empower government over the lives and

liberties of “We the People”

J) No Obama care, to which several states have filed suit against.
K) Banning abortion would be a “State’s Right” to decide, and this listing could continue. Are you one that

“Seriously” seeks for an answer?

If you desire the America of intent of our Founding Fathers, then you’ll be one
that seeks further knowledge behind the “History” of the 14th Amendment and the effects of great
change this single, unlawfully ratified amendment, has brought upon our true, intended American
Heritage. This truth holds your future and that of your posterity. Is not such of importance to you
personally? This truth, then, is a “propriety study”, above all other Constitutional issues at hand today.
All else rests upon the lawful validity of this one single law of our US Constitution, and the history
behind it. Read History and Effects below.


E-mail kenlittlesr@gmail.com.for free text, “Law of the Land Breached”. Make vour mail for your copy.

Article V Group, (843) 875-3597, or dueprocessrequired@gmail.com

Free men, or subjects of government. It’s our choice. Make this study/encourage others to.

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