The Backdoor to Scuttling the Second Amendment

The Backdoor to Scuttling the Second Amendment

by revisedhistory

by Al Benson Jr.

It is no secret that Marxists, socialists, and other types of leftists, including fascists, have always hated the Second Amendment. They realize they will never gain total control of this country as long as the population remains heavily armed.

So the Marxist clique currently in power would love to find some way to render the Second Amendment impotent. Obama has been working on this ever since he got into office, both he and his “Attorney General” of “Fast and Furious” fame. As to what went on in that debacle, you can bet the executive Orders covering that will never be released and our “investigative” media won’t stay up nights hunting for information.

Actually, what Obama and his Marxist crowd wants is some sort of back-door approach that will let them pursue their anti-gun agenda while not alerting too many of the American people.

Obama has found the key to this back-door approach in the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) which is supposed to control arms shipments between countries. We have been assured this treaty will not impact the private ownership of firearms. Yeah, right. Pigs fly too, and so does the Tooth Fairy, right? In this age of “open and transparent” politics who is still gullible enough to believe anything told to us either by the federal government or the United Nations? Never forget, these are the Agenda 21 people who want your private property. Believe anything they say at your own risk.

What this treaty will do is to give the UN the ability to dictate global gun laws to this country they they plan to have override our Constitution.

There have been reports of this, though hardly from the regular “news” media, telling how Secretary of State Hitlery Clinton has been conducting “closed door” negotiations with the UN on this. The closed door negotiations are the outstanding example of the “transparency” of this administration.

There is almost no doubt that the President is salivating, waiting to sign this treaty and then it should have to be ratified by the Senate, unless Obama just plans on making it law via executive order as he is prone to do more and more of nowadays when he is afraid that Congress might vote against him on some sensitive issue in an election year–and this is a sensitive issue.

I would urge everyone to contact their Senators and, in no uncertain terms, tell them you want them to vote against ratification of this treaty. No elected official, not even Comrade Obama, should have the right to sign away our Second Amendment rights but it’s up to us to make sure they don’t.

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