14th Amendment: Government, Citizenship Status and the American Heritage

Charleston Daily Courier, November 27, 1866
It (14th Amendment) changes the character of the government by transferring to Congress the supreme power over the states. (The Federal Reserve took control over the people’s money, but this amendment stole the people’s government and their very citizenship status.)

Senator Kyl, early Aug., 2010, Mike Gallagher radio show, on the 14th Amendment.
“The federal Government has supreme power over the states, and any legislation (law) of the states are superseded by the Federal Government, and therefore are subject to abolishment by the Feds. “(10th Amendment, empty shell.)

“…It (14th Amendment) enlarges the judicial power of the United States so as to bring every law passed by the state and every principle of common law relating to life, liberty, or property, within the jurisdiction of the Federal tribunals…” New Jersey Resolution No. 1. March 24, 1868. (Read it here: http://www.14th-amendment.com/Miscellaneous/Articles/South_Carolina_Law_Review/page_frame.htm, footnotes pages 501-502.) New Jersey was describing a NEW POWER for the U.S. Court System, a power to bust self-government and the 10th Amendment. Here’s another:

“It (14th Amendment) is to subordinate the state judiciaries to Federal supervision and control; …If the state judiciaries are subordinate, all the department of State Government will be equally subordinated, for all state laws, let them relate to whatever department of Government they may, or to what domestic and local interest, will be equally open to criticism, interpretation and adjudication by the Federal tribunals, whose judgment and decrees will be supreme and will override the decisions of the State Courts and leave them utterly powerless.” From the “Diary of Orville Hickman Browning, 1865-1881,” Sec. of Interior under the Johnson Administration. This was to be a new power and authority to the U.S. Court not previously held to it under Article III. (Remember Arizona)

Governor Bramlette, before the state Legislature of Kentucky, 1867: “The just balance of power between the state and federal government is sought to be destroyed and centralization of power to be established in the Federal Government through Amendments to the Constitution, which if successful, will destroy those rights reserved to the states and people (10th Amendment), and which are essential to the preservation of free government.”

On August 29, 1866, the year “Congress” proposed the 14th Amendment, Sen. James Blaine gave a promotional speech for the amendment in Skowhegan, Maine. He provided the intent of this amendment. “We intend to make citizenship National.” This citizenship (National) was non-existent as Exparte Knowles states. It would have to be “created and established,” in law, and the 14th Amendment was to be that law of creation and defining.

Ex parte Knowles, 5 Cal. 300, 302 (1855)
Prior to the 14th Amendment “… there is no such thing as a citizen of the United States (U.S. citizen).”

U.S. v Anthony, 24 Fed., case 14.459 (1873)
“The Fourteenth Amendment creates (established) and defines (in law) citizenship of the United States (U.S. citizen).”

1895-96, Harvard Law Review, Vol.1X, page 311
“A citizen of a state (founder’s citizen status) is now only a citizen of the United States residing in a state.” (True American citizenship lost!)

Senator John McCain, early Aug. 2010, Mike Gallagher show
“With the passage of the 14th Amendment, citizens changed from being citizens of the states to citizens of the federal government (nationals of Congress, U.S. citizens).” Whether freemen or subjects, citizenship status is the “foundation” of all nations upon earth. “Take Back America” is only a “pipe dream” until our true citizenship status has been reclaimed, not before then.

Louisiana; House Concurrent Resolution 208 (1967)
“Whereas the purported 14th amendment was never lawfully adopted in accordance with the requirements of the United States Constitution…”

Georgia; No. 45 (Senate Resolution No. 39) (1957)
“A memorial to Congress… to declare that the 14th and 15th Amendments, to the Constitution of the United States, were never validly adopted and that they are null and void and to no effect.”

New Jersey Joint Resolution No. 1, March 24, 1868
“…made vague for the purpose of facilitating encroachment upon the lives, liberties and property of the people.” “…intended to overthrow the system of self-government…” “…it enlarges the judicial power of the United States so as to bring every law passed by the state… within the jurdisdiction of the federal tribunals…” (A power not previously held by the Feds. Remember Arizona, 2010.)

Utah; State v. Phillips, 540 P. 2d, 936, 941 Supreme Court of Utah, Sept. 15, 1975.
“I cannot believe that any court, in full possession of it’s faculties, could honestly hold that the Amendment (14th) was properly approved and adopted.”

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