Arizona Throws Towel in the Ring

Arizona Throws Towel in the Ring; Surrenders to Court’s Ruling

By: Bill Ivy

    Standing upon her state’s Rights of Self-Government, in 2010, the State of Arizona, supported by her citizens, passed a domestic law concerning the state’s invasion of illegal aliens. The Federal court challenged her law, and in July of 2012, rendered its final decision. Parts of the law would stand, but other parts were removed.

The 10th Amendment, for state’s rights of self-government, is to be an assured and protected right against Federal infringements, unless such a law is in violation of the Constitutional compact between the states, or powers delegated to the Federal government.

So where does this authority of the Federal Courts gain its power to infringe upon a state’s “domestic law”, secured by the guarantee of the 10th Amendment? Where exactly is the foundational “Point of Origin”? Read with care the following recorded statements, and “Remember Arizona,” the recent fallen Federal target.

New Jersey Joint Resolution No. 1, March 24, 1868

“…it (the 14th Amendment) enlarges the judicial power of the United States so as to bring every law passed by the state… within the jurisdiction of the federal tribunals…” (A power not previously held by the Feds.)

“…intended to overthrow the system of self-government…” (10th Amendment State’s rights)

“…made vague for the purpose of facilitating encroachment upon the lives, liberties and property of the people.” (Humm, yet another thought to consider.)

*** Read this resolution on pages 501-02 (foot-notes), online at:

“It (14th Amendment) is to subordinate the state judiciaries to Federal supervision and control; …If the state judiciaries are subordinate, all the department of State Government will be equally subordinated, for all state laws, let them relate to whatever department of Government they may, or to what domestic and local interest, will be equally open to criticism, interpretation and adjudication by the Federal tribunals, whose judgment and decrees will be supreme and will override the decisions of the State Courts and leave them utterly powerless.” From the “Diary of Orville Hickman Browning, 1865-1881,” Sec. of Interior under the Johnson Administration. This was to be a new power and authority to the U.S. Court not previously held to it under Article III. (Remember Arizona)

Governor Bramlette, before the state Legislature of Kentucky, 1867, speaking on the 14th Amendment: “The just balance of power between the state and federal government is sought to be destroyed and centralization of power to be established in the federal Government through Amendments to the Constitution, which if successful, will destroy those rights reserved to the states and people (10th Amendment), and which are essential to the preservation of free government.” (Kentucky would reject the 14th Amendment, being 9th state doing so.)

Charleston Daily Courier, November 27, 1866

It (14th Amendment) changes the character of the government by transferring to Congress the supreme power over the states. (The “creation” takes control over its “creators.”)

Senator Kyl, early Aug., 2010, Mike Gallagher radio show, on the 14th Amendment.

“The Federal Government has supreme power over the states, and any legislation (laws) of the states are superseded by the Federal Government, and therefore are subject to abolishment by the Feds.” (10th Amendment is but an empty shell, dependent upon Federal approval)

    The above statement, being among others not presented, have directed you to that “Point of Origin,” giving power to the federal court system to challenge any state’s domestic law passed under their authority under the “once secured 10th Amendment.” This knowledge of truth hasn’t been a part taught in America’s education system! Two questions to confront. You read the documented statements of how the 14th Amendment would “alter” the system of American government. Why then wasn’t this “alteration” not taught in public education? Here’s a bigger question. Was this amendment’s ratification procedures in accord with the “established law,” of our U.S. Constitution? If not in accord, then this amendment is “fraudulent” and must be nullified, as a breaching against the “Law of the Land,” our U.S. Constitution. The Peoples call must then be for its “Nullification!” Were the amending procedures of this Amendment lawful, or through “criminal” action of Congress? Those that follow “challenge the validity” of this amendment to stand as law, and these challenges as well have been denied to your knowledge under public (government) education.

Louisiana; House Concurrent Resolution 208 (1967)

“Whereas the purported 14th Amendment was never lawfully adopted in accordance with the requirements of the United States Constitution…”


Georgia; No. 45(Senate Resolution No. 39) (1957)

“A memorial to Congress… to declare that the 14th and 15th Amendments, to the Constitution of the United States, were never validly adopted and that they are null and void of no effect.”

Utah; State v. Phillips, 540 P. 2d, 936, 941 Supreme Court of Utah, Sept. 15, 1975.

“I cannot believe that any court, in full possession of its faculties, could honestly hold that the Amendment (14th) was properly approved and adopted.”

    Is the 14th Amendment, foundation of empowerment for the Federal Court System, in challenging Arizona’s state law, which was established upon the 10th Amendment, “a valid and lawful law” set into the body of the U.S. Constitution? Were the mandated amending procedures, of the Constitution’s Article V, this amendment’s valid “Mother”, or did Congress “breach” this article to obtain this amendment’s ratification, thus an amendment through Congressional fraud (criminal)?

    Could it be that the Congressional Reconstruction Acts, set upon 10 States of the Union, to force their adoptions, to the amendment each had lawfully rejected through Article V, be the invalid, unlawful “Mother” of the 14th Amendment? These legislative acts were set upon the citizen of ten states, upon charges without merit, as a punishment, and “without” the constitutional, 5th Amendment’s guarantee of Due Process of law, before the punishment was executed. Though these legislative acts were directly involved with “Life, Liberty and Property”, the Judicial branch never reviewed the legislation for “conformity” with the established laws of the Federal Constitution then, and on to our day. One of the congressional charges was that these states were without a Republican form of Government. Article IV, section 4, of the Constitution charges Congress the authority to guarantee every state a Republican form of Government. Even so, a State so charged of being without such still must receive “due process”, their day in court, to stand against such charge, to show guilt or innocence, before a State can be overthrown, and replaced by new government, through Congressional order. So the question concerning the Reconstruction Acts, and such purpose of forced adoption to these states, was DUE PROCESS RENDERED OR DENIED, before their punishment. The next question concerns the court on that issue. Since Life, Liberty, and Property were involved in the Reconstruction legislation, and the question of “due process” having not been provided, of which is the duty of the third branch of government to secure (checks and balance system), why then, and on to the day, has the Judicial branch “never reviewed these Legislative Acts”, for their full and “complete conformity” with the law of the U.S. Constitution? Read Federalist paper #78, 9th paragraph.

If the Reconstruction Acts provided, after the Court’s review, as having been direct violence against Constitutional law, upon several points, then the 14th Amendment is unlawful and has “never existed” , as the Law of the Land. Arizona could challenge the “Court’s ruling” upon its domestic state law, on the grounds that the 14th Amendment, that empowered the Federal court to challenge its law, is an invalid Amendment, null, void, and without force, thus the court’s ruling upon Arizona’s law is invalid as well, as the court held no power to challenge the state’s law established under the 10th Amendment’s protective guarantee. The citizens that make-up the state of Arizona, as well as the citizens of all the states, should consider doing their homework on the history of the 14th Amendment, and its “Mother”, the Congressional Reconstruction Acts. Should the procedures of adoption, of this amendment’s ratification, prove to be fraudulent, understand that “Fraud has no statues of limitations”, no matter the amount of water having passed under the bridge (time). Need some motivation for your stand in securing States Rights/Self-Government? Read the following:


(Be sure to read pages 492-500, and 501-502, foot notes)


E-Mail for free text, “Law of the Land Breached”. Make your email for your copy.


Article V Group, (843) 875-3597, or (new rising site)

As for the citizens of Arizona and their tenth Amendment state law? Their “Victory” rests entirely upon the validity, as law, of the 14th Amendment. Have Arizonians surrendered to the Feds, or will they rise to FIGHT-ON?! Did the 14th Amendment ratify through Article V, or were the Reconstruction Acts, with it’s due process denied, pages 496-97 (above history site), this amendment’s “criminal Mother”? Arizona, and all Americans, its Homework time!

Nullify the 14th Amendment

And reclaim the “LOST” American Heritage

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