Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission [FN2]

“First, it is dubious whether the Constitution even gives Congress power to regulate the source and amount of campaign contributions and expenditures. The background and meaning of the Constitution’s “Time, Place and Manner Clause”—which Congress uses to justify such laws—strongly suggests not.”  Free Speech: Corporate and Anonymous,

“A. Reasons for this Inquiry

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission [FN2] was the latest of several cases [FN3] in

which the Supreme Court has tested federal campaign finance laws against the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Not discussed in Citizens United, however, is a more fundamental question: Does the Constitution’s scheme of enumerated congressional powers grant Congress power to regulate political *4 campaigns at all? If not, such regulations are, of course, invalid, and it is unnecessary to consider First Amendment issues. [FN4]”  University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law”

November, 2010  Articles:


Robert G. Natelson [FNa1]

Nullify the 14th Amendment and this nightmare will disappear.  The unlawful 14th Amendment, never ratified according to Article V of the Constitution is being interpreted by the left that a corporation is a person.

The 1st Amendment was written to give protection to “State Citizens” of their respective state.  “State Citizens “ was and is a real life, living and breathing individual.  The unlawful 14th Amendment created a corporate person known as a “US citizen.”   “State Citizens have been tricked into being a “US citizen,” a corporate person.  See

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