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States Convention Now!

Article V Solution

By Bill Ivy

        Article V, of the U.S. Constitution, empowers the Congress with authority to “propose” to the members that makeup the Constitutional compact, the States, amendments for the Constitution. This Congressional Authority ends with such a proposal, then the decision to adopt or reject such amendment proposals rests with the States “alone”. Such power to amend the Constitution belongs to the actual members of the compact, of which the Federal Congress is not, but rather it’s the agent and servant to such membership.

        Under the law of the Constitution’s Article V, States are empowered to call forth a states convention, and propose among themselves amendments for the Constitution. Congress proposed to the States its 21st Amendment that would repeal the earlier established law of the 18th Amendment, and the 21st Amendment was ratified by the states. Under an Article V States Convention, States can adopt Amendments that would repeal law established earlier, but are not limited to that of established Amendments, and without involvement, or permission of the Federal Congress, nor the Federal Court. States, as the “actual membership” of the Constitutional compact, have the power to repeal “any act” that has been passed by their agent/servant, the Federal Congress, or Presidential “Executive Order”, or a ruling of the Federal Court, through an Amendment ratified by ¾’s of the States, that had been proposed under an Article V States Convention.

        Article V of the U.S. Constitution, provides to the States the “Supreme Power” over their agent/servant, the Federal Government. As was established in America’s founding document, the Declaration of Independence, “Free men establish governments” to secure their life, liberty and happiness, and States, as a “direct creation of the people”, must fulfill such duty to the people. The Federal government is the creation of the States, and it has its obligations to the will of the States, and such will of the States being derived by the will of the people, of each respective state.

        At such an Article V States Convention, States could table issues such as Obama Care, a Congressional Act, for repeal. The Convention could place an immediate “halt” on the talks for illegal aliens amnesty, and repeal the 17th Amendment, for the reinstatement of the originally established law of Article I, Section 3, first clause, which would return to the State Legislatures their “Direct Voices”, in the affairs of Washington, through the seats of the U.S. Senate. Had Article I, Section 3, first clause, not been nullified by the 17th Amendment, and States had retained their voice in the U.S. Senate, do you honestly believe we would have Obama Care, or talks for amnesty for America’s illegal alien population? Look at the Resolutions States have been passing upon such issues.

        Campaigns of the people through e-mails, phone calls, rallies and marches, all directed directly at Washington, have proven to be of no avail, efforts in vain. The people are left with two choices, as no other exists, excluding the “Last Resort” spoken of by Thomas Jefferson. The choices are the people’s campaign directed at each State’s Legislature to call for an Article V Convention or to bow themselves to “Rule by the Federal government, as a subjugated people”. As Free Men, and to retain that status, the first option would be the option of choice. Time has arrived for the call of an Article V States Convention to secure the people’s happiness!! Where do you stand, Tea Party and others??

States Convention Now!!!

(The Constitutional Solution)

Closing the Box

By Bill Ivy

            You know the story of Pandora’s Box. Pandora was given a box and was told not to open it. She did, and when doing so she unleashed demons that brought “great evil” upon the “people.” It could have been worse, but Pandora closed the box, and stopped the Last Demon from escaping that would have taken “All Hope” from the “people”, and being the end.

            State governments opened America’s Pandora’s Box, when the 14th Amendment gained enough State Adoptions for ratification, though ten Southern States adopted under the point of “Federal bayonets”, and with the adoption of the 17th Amendment that nullified Article I, Section 3, first clause, of the U.S. Constitution. This Amendment removed the States from their once held seats in the U.S. Senate, seated by two Senators chosen by each State’s legislative body. This removed from the States their direct and seated voices in the “affairs of Washington’s decision makings.” Thereafter, beginning in 1914, Washington began growing in power never intended to have possessed, and continues on to our day. It would establish new federal agencies that would harass the people and begin to eat-out their substance, and controls over their lives. It would pass “Federal Acts” to stand as law, “bypassing the amending procedures”, that denied to the people, through their State’s legislature, their right to decide on adopting, or rejecting such law placed upon them. Law, such as today’s Obama Care that should have been “proposed” as an Amendment. Now Congress considers another Federal Act, “bypassing” the amending procedures, that involves “Amnesty” for illegal aliens. America’s Federal government, Congress, Executive, and Judiciary, are out of control, because the State governments opened America’s Pandora’s Box, and the people having to reap in losses to life, liberty, and their happiness.

            As it was with Pandora closing her box, before the last demon would have escaped and stolen the hope of the people, so can the States “close the box” they have opened, and save America’s Hope, as well as restore the loss of life, liberty, and happiness of the people, through the saving grace, Established in Law, by the Constitution’s Framers, under Article V. Article V “empowers the States”, when having the support of 2/3’s of the States, with “authority” to call for a States Convention.

            When calling forth such a convention, States send their chosen representatives to sit together and address issues that infringe, or threaten to infringe, upon the life, liberty, and happiness of the people, or as well to consider issues that are beneficial to those principles, firmly established in America’s founding document, The Declaration of Independence. The representatives of the States seated in the convention would draft “proposals”, as amendments for the Constitution, and present them to all the States for their adoption, or rejection. With ¾’s State adoptions, the proposed amendments become “Law of the Land.” The convention could propose an amendment to “Repeal Obama Care”, another to halt, dead in its tracks, “Amnesty”, and still another to “repeal the 17th Amendment”, reinstating Article 1, Section 3, first clause, returning the Senate seats to the original owners, the States.

            An Article V States Convention is the last hope held by the people, to control a run-away Federal government and the continuing loss of the American Heritage. It’s the “Fail-Safe Button”, established by law, by the Framers, and the only path for closing America’s Pandora’s Box.  An Action by the State governments themselves.

            Are you one that sees and has hope with the upcoming Federal elections? Reflect upon the “word of wisdom” provided by Patrick Henry, for American thought today.“I know of no other way for judging the future, but by the past.” Problems of today have been created by past and present seated Congress. Do you believe the next Congress will restore to the people those principles of the Declaration of Independence? They will hold-to Obama Care, and will provide amnesty. Judge by the past, to see the future.

            Individuals, do your part in contacting the House and Senate of your respective State, and activist organizations “Unite as One Body”, for rallies and marches, as America’s time “has come” to make use of the fail-safe button of the Framers, the Article V States Convention! State governments opened America’s Pandora’s Box, and they hold the “Power” to close it up.


(The Constitutional Solution)

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